Big Wood Furniture began with Alex Sr. eyeing a 42" diameter red oak log on one of his runs through the neighborhood. The neighbor was dreading the thought of having to cutt and split it because it was so full of limbs. Alex tried to find a sawmill that could slab it for tables, but none turned up immediately. After a bit of research, he went to his friend's at North Country tractor (http://www.northcountrytractor.com/) and they sold him a STIHL MS880 Chainsaw; a 10 HP beast (pictured on the home page) that dwarfs a "normal" big saw that most people would purchase. He then got an Alaskan Saw Mill from Forestry Suppliers (http://forestry-suppliers.com/) and the rest is history! Friends and students of Alex's often experience "slabbing with Bertha'. Bertha is the saws name, and they always really enjoy it!

One of the first big wood projects was a fireplace mantle, followed by a coffee table. Both of these can be seen in the photos below. When referring to "top", "middle", or "bottom" slabs, the longitudinal axis of the tree is parallel to the long axis of the item.

Wooden Mantle above our fireplace. This was manufactured by quartering a smaller log along it's long axis.

A coffeetable, fabricated from a single slab taken from the center of the tree. The light sections at the front and back edges are the younger wood closest to the bark of the tree.

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